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As Steve Jobs said “The people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the one who really change the world”. We are on a mission to create a community of Healthy and Happy Individuals. Some of the transformations we have bought is here for you.



We have helped thousands of individuals to loose weight, get fit, resolve their medical complications and lead a happy and healthy lifestyle. Here are the few transformations you can witness.


I was able to transform myself in 30 days time with the weight loss program conducted by Mr. Paramaguru. He is a great motivator and fitness guide. I was able to build my self image in just 30 days time.


Hi, I am sadhanandhan and i lost 17 Kgs in 25 days time. I had gained weight due to sedentary life style and unhealthy and junk food eating habits. Thanks to Paramaguru sir for helping me to gain confidence and become an active, enthusiastic individual.


I lost 25 Kgs in 90 days. As i am software developer, i had to work for long hours in front of laptop and systems. Due to this little physical movement, i became obese over a period of time. Thanks to Mr.Paramaguru for helping me to transform myself.


I lost 8 Kgs in 30 days. My thyroid levels came back to normal in 60 days, got rid of PCOD problems in 30 days and my blood sugar levels also came to normal. It was a miracle for me and now i am happy and healthy individual.


Hi, I am priyanka and i lost 15 kgs in 45 days time. I was hesitant to try unnatural means of loosing weight and was looking for a weight loss coach who can help me to loose weight and transform myself. I joined paramaguru fitness and the transformation was a miracle. Now i am a happy and healthy soul.


Hi, I am praveen and i am a engineering student. I was weighing 120 kgs. After joining paramaguru fitness i lost 25 kgs in 30days and lost another 15 kgs in the next 40 days. I hold the highest weight loss title till date totaling a 40 kgs weight loss in 70 days. Thanks to paramaguru sir.